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 Our Infant Philosophy

     The heart of our infant care is the interaction with each infant on a one-to-one basis, making real contact, with visual, verbal and tactile.

     Always being as sensitive to the individual infant ‘IS’ the most important factor in determining the quality of infant care.


    Giving babies time to entertain themselves without being interrupted, or over stimulated.

    Remembering to meet infant’s physical needs according to the baby’s own rhythms, not through an inflexible schedule.

    Ample opportunities to move freely, which would allow them to do what they are ready and willing to do.

    Paying attention to the whole infant and not just the immediate task’s at hand. This loving time would be for us both to be looking, touching and talking together.

    When we carry these routines out in a thoughtful sensitive way, we have a major impact on all infants in our care


We accept infants as young as 6 weeks old











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